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A collection of silly moments from the PBS kids show Arthur.

Arthur adults in their baby forms.

The Vidiboobies are a parody of the Teletubbies. The purple Vidibooby is named Stinky Pinky after Tinky Winky, the Teletubby of the same color. The Vidiboobies have different antennas shaped after the Japanese yen, British pound, U.S. dollar, and cent signs.

The most inappropriate parody we have ever seen on Arthur is the parody of The Jerry Springer Show. Arthur was watching The Freddy Sprangler Show!

When Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked, Arthur and friends attempt to defeat FOURHAND451 at VirtualGoose, the online version of Confuse the Goose. Sue Ellen’s username is BLACKBELT44 since she is a Karate master, and Arthur’s username is ANTMUNCHER52 because he is an aardvark. When Arthur, Buster, Francine, and Muffy join arms together, they go by EIGHTARMS19.

Only D.W., DISASTERWARNING99, is able to defeat FOURHAND451, who is revealed to be Emily and Marie-Hélène.

Have you tried to defeat FOURHAND451? The game is available at VirtualGoose.com. Let us know if you win!

D.W. interrupts Arthur’s piano practice while playing with her whack-able Funny Farm. To get D.W. to be quiet, Arthur gives her his stash of Halloween candy. Nibble, nibble, little sister!

Muffy, on baseball.

When Mr. Ratburn assigns his class to build model cities…

Cute nipples.

Anonymous asked: I would be that one person who owned 70 Netkittens

D.W. would be so jealous of you! :)

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